Sunday, 14 October 2012

We left the land behind!

MV FRAM is a ship that is built especially for polar waters. Most times of the year the ship is operating in the Arctic or in Antarctica. But there are always some activities in between. After the Arctic season the ship has to sail from the North to the South in September and October and of course in April and May it has to be brought to the North again after the Antarctic season.  On the way to the South or to the North, Hurtigruten offers wonderful European cruises and from now on it is also possible to join the so called “crossing” from Las Palmas to Buenos Aires, or the other way around.

And today we started our crossing, this special tour over the Atlantic. In 19 days we hope to reach Buenos Aires. We leave the autumn in the northern hemisphere behind and we are looking forward to the spring in the southern hemisphere. We are only a small group of 27 passengers but we have our own expedition team with us. Everything seems to be very relaxed. We were welcomed in a friendly way and our cabins were already prepared when we arrived in the afternoon.

After the mandatory passengers mustering we left Las Palmas around 8.00pm. We will not see land for the next weeks until we will reach Buenos Aires. We said good bye to the last trees in the harbor area and the last pigeon. We will not see any plants before we will reach South America, but we hope for some birds.

During the crossing we will have our meals together with the crew in the restaurant. That will be a new but also a nice experience for all of us. But it is always nice to enjoy good food together with other people. We will know each other better after a while and perhaps we will even find new friends.

In the evening the Captain invited us to a welcome cocktail. For us it was funny to see that there is more crew than passengers on board.

As the weather was so nice we walked around on the open decks before we went to bed. The first day is always a little bit hard. But tomorrow we will feel better after a good sleep in our nice cabins.