Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Let´s learn from each other

The main focus on this day has been teaching and learning from each other. We started in the morning with a lecture about South America. Most passengers will stay for a while in South America and have been very interested in what they can expect over there.

It is more or less normal to have lectures for the passengers aboard FRAM but in the afternoon the passengers became lecturers or teachers for the crew, and that we didn´t have before. Since some days Friederike has given German lessons to the reception crew and today the day had come to test their new knowledge in practice. All passengers lined up at our check in reception – like they have done it on their first day in Las Palmas – and checked in again. But this time all guests had to stay with their own language. As most of our passengers are German speaking on this cruise the receptionists could show what they have learned during the last days. Everybody had a lot of fun and at the end we could only say: congratulation Clarice, Rona, Rose, Novi and Aurea, you have done a wonderful job.

Just before dinner we had - like almost every evening - a wonderful sunset again.

After our BBQ we started with our game and sport competition. Crew, workers and passengers will meet from now on more or less regular in the late evening, after all work for the day is done, just to have fun.