Wednesday, 17 October 2012

We and the young Brown Booby

During the night we sailed on our course SSW between Senegal and the Cape Verde Islands. The sky was blue again and the wind was blowing in a gentle breeze.

After breakfast our English speaking guests had their bird lecture. And that came just in the right time as we had during the afternoon a wonderful guest on board – a young Brown Booby. It was following the ship for a while and then it made the decision to have a rest in our bow and sail with us. That was our possibility to make nice bird pictures.

As we had no wind the Booby got problems to fly away again. Most seabirds have troubles to start without any wind. After a while the bird found a little “hole” in the bow where it fit through so that it could jump into the air and fly away.  With the published pictures you can join our experience.

During the afternoon we had again the possibility to visit the bridge. Our Navigation Officer Clyde gave as nice and interesting information about the ship´s technique. He didn´t became tired to answer all our questions. We are looking forward already to our next meeting on the bridge.

In the evening the crew invited us to a competition. Passengers and crew had to go through different games. The evening was called “let´s have fun together” and you can believe us – we had fun. You could hear our laughing around the whole ship.