Sunday, 8 June 2014

Denmark Strait: Day Two

The crossing of Denmark Strait is not to be taken lightly.  It has the potential to be one of the stormiest seas in the world.  We were privileged to have a benign crossing.  There was just enough movement on Fram to remind everyone, “Oh yeah.  I’m on a ship.”

As the day progressed the seas picked up a little but still no big deal.  The waves were at best two metres by the latter part of the day.  The skies were a constant grey and during the early evening we were enveloped in fog.  Visibility was limited to about two hundred metres.

As today was a full day at sea, we had a full program of lectures.  We also held briefings designed to familiarize everyone with our Polar Cirkle boats and our tender pit operations.  The briefings are also the time when we can inform people about what’s going to happen during our upcoming landings. 

At 16:30 the Expedition Team set up a boot rental shop on deck three.  For those who felt they had brought inadequate footwear for Greenland they could avail themselves of a fine pair of Muck boots for the duration of the voyage.

Michael delighted everyone by singing and playing his guitar again in the Observation Lounge with performances at 14:00 and again at 20:30.  It is a real pleasure to have Michael on board!
Yesterday Evening's Fashion Show!!!