Saturday, 21 June 2014

Uummannaq 'The Heart-shaped'

Clouds and fog were low but the closer we came more of the beautiful Mountain we could
see. A mountain shaped as a heart – hence the name.

When we landed in the town with the Polar Circle Boats it was if the 1300 inhabitants were still sleeping or maybe they were just working and the kids probably in school. After all we arrived on a Thursday.
Different kinds of tours, excursions etc. were arranged with the locals. First passengers that arrived were to listen to a local speaking about life in Uummannaq. About 29 joined so that was a great success. Jean Louis, our French staff member, was to translate from English to German. We were joking about how funny it would be if the local guide could speak French – of course the local guide said a couple of words in French – good start on the day. It made us all smile and laugh.

Museum and Church were open – the only Church made out of rocks still being used in Greenland is located in Uummannaq. It is very beautiful and a must see if you ever get that far North.

A boat tour to the place where the famous Qilakitsoq mummies were found was also offered to Fram’s passengers. Everyone who joined seemed happy – so another success.
As everyone in Greenland knows Santa’s summer base is located just behind the town of Uummannaq. A big group of passengers joined the hike to Santa’s hut to see if he was home. Every passenger made it ‘home’ safely but unfortunately no one saw Santa.

If he couldn’t be found in his hut he must have been out with his reindeer. Therefore 18 passengers were sent out to look for him in a helicopter. The low clouds almost cancelled the tours. But away they went and again no luck. Passenger did however get to see Uummannaq, the glacier on Nuussuaq, Fram and the surrounding mountains. Everyone exited the helicopter with a big smile. There was unfortunately one fatality on the first tour – the helicopter hit a seagull on the way back to the helistop. The pilot will not be receiving any gifts this Christmas.
Again it was time to leave a town with lots of smiling and friendly faces.

Takussaagut – see you.