Saturday, 28 June 2014

Thursday 26 June

Thursday 26 June
A long day of travelling came to an end when we arrived at the lush and green airport of Kangerlussuaq. Kangerlussuaq means the big and long fiord in Greenlandic. The fiord is some 170 kilometers so the coastline is quite far away, making the area around Kangerlussuaq sheltered and warm.

Fram was picturesquely waiting for us down by the fiord 17 kilometers away from the airport. The PolarCirkle boats which we will be using for coming ashore for most of our journey took us on a 5 minute drive to Fram. The boats go pretty fast, but are really sturdy so we will be looking forward to go ashore in them to the days coming.
After having check-in at the ship reception we did the mandatory drill though it was late and most of us had been travelling nearly all day. Safety goes before anything!

So finally at 00.20 we could all bunk up go to bed and be rested for the journey ahead of us.