Saturday 28 June 2014

Friday 27 June

Last night Fram left Kangerlussuaq. Today we reached Sisimiut, some 100 km north of the polar circle. It is the second biggest town in Greenland with 5400 inhabitants. The early settlers -people from the Saqqaq culture- came to this place some 4500 years ago.

Today the main industry here is fishing. The harbor improved recently to welcome bigger ships. What is always impressive when you first come to Greenland are the dogs. Sisimiut has hundreds of them.
In the morning we started with our information program about the destinations and excursions along Greenland's west coast. As we will use our polar circle boats for operations, all were instructed as how to be safe during tender operations.

Later in the morning our Captain Rune Andreassen welcomed our guests and presented his crew. Our expedition leader

After lunch Fram reached Sisimiut and we started our excursions. Some of us just waited to be in Sisimiut for their lunch, and with a good reason: they booked "a taste of Greenland", which meant a Greenlandic buffet at a local hotel/restaurant. Reindeer, Muskox, sheep, halibut, shrimps and more was offered.

Many took the city tour by bus to see the highlights of Sisimiut.

Others decided to explore the town on their own which gave them the opportunity to visit the local museum, which offers a very good display of artifacts.

By 19.30 we were all back on board, when a local kayaker came along and showed us his many skills.

The day was not over and after dinner our musician Michael entertained with Greenlandic songs in the observation lounge.