Sunday, 22 June 2014

Polar Bear lookout

Today we visited two places where some from the Expedition Team were placed in different places with guns – rather be safe than sorry.

In the morning we made it to Qullissat which is an old Coal mining town. Qullissat was founded to exploit the resourses of Disko Island. It operated for 48 years before closing in 1972.

 In its heyday almost 1200 people lived in Qullissat. Two famous Greenlanders, Kuupik Kleist who is the former Premier of Greenland and Aka Høegh who is a famous artist in Greenland were both born in Qullissat.

We had arranged a hike in the morning for those who were up for it. Unfortunately we had to cancel the hike because of strong winds. We were however lucky to find a more calm place to land with the Polar Cirkel boats. That meant that those who wanted could visit Qullissat.

A Fox and two Snow Hares were seen inside the town.


In the evening we reached Eqip Sermia which is a Glacier located about 80 km north of Ilulissat which is the third largest town in Greenland.

Eqip Sermia is about 3.5 km wide and the wall is about 150 m high. It is one of the only Glaciers in Greenland where you can actually sail over to the wall and touch it.

Passengers were sailed into land where they could walk around and look at the beautiful Glacier. Sounds sounding like thunder came from the Glacier with short intervals.

We also saw thousands of Capelin right by the landing site. Some of the crew caught some with fishing nets. A snack for later.

Leaving Eqip Sermia around midnight it was time for jacuzzi while enjoying the beautiful icebergs.

Takussaagut – See you… :o)