Sunday 29 June 2014

Sunday 29 June
Qasigiannguit is the Greenlandic name for the beautiful town we visited today. Not the easiest of Greenlandic names to pronounce, the name means “the small dotted seals”. As with many other Greenlandic names of places it refers to the kind of animals one can catch in the area. In Qasigiannguit you can catch small dotted seals J

The museum had set up a splendid program for us. They have made a unique display of how life was in the old days before the Europeans came. A reenactment of how a small family of 3 generations would look like if you met them on their summer hunting grounds. They greeted us with dried fish, seal blubber and whale meat grilled over a fire.
On the way to and from Qasigiannguit we were surrounded by icebergs in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes we call the Disco Bay the largest sculpture park in the World.

In the evening the Expedition Team and the officers had their fashion show. Everyone was having a laugh and it is a good opportunity to experience the team spirit and see some of the really nice quality clothes the shop onboard offers.
Tomorrow we are looking forward to a day by the spectacular heart shaped mountain of Uummannaq.