Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Kicking off the Arctic Season!

Well now, wasn’t that a great adventure? The first circumnavigation of Iceland on FRAM - ever. We all are so happy that everything went so well, and indeed it looked like everybody had a great time, that was certainly our impression at the gangway in the morning, when we waved good-bye.
Thanks to everybody who went exploring with us in unknown waters! We enjoyed it a lot and hope to see you back on board one day.
Well, a few we do actually see again right now, because they made their dream come true and have two voyages with us, back to back. That is definitely the full Viking package, first to learn about their history in Iceland and as of today follow the tracks they left in Greenland. And let’s not forget that the following trip will bring us into the element our brave ship was built for - into the ice!
So, nature and culture and history will come together to create very intense experiences. This idea must have a world-wide attraction, as our new guests are from many nations, all keen to discover and explore.
A warm welcome to all of you! Let’s go Arctic…