Friday, 15 January 2010

A day in port

In the morning we found Fram moored at the pier in Ushuaia and so we knew a wonderful voyage had finally come to an end. For the staff and crew the day in port is always one of the busiest. We say goodbye to our guests in the morning and a little later some of us are leaving as well to start their well deserved holidays and new members of the crew arrive. Fram must be prepared for the new guests who arrive in the afternoon, because everyone deserves a clean and fresh ship for their arrival.

Once all of our new guests are on board in the afternoon we get really busy. Endless questions have to be answered, all guests must be equipped with their jackets for the cruise and of course the safety drill has to be held well before Fram leaves the pier again. Of course all of us hope that we may never have to use the knowledge which was conveyed in during that drill. A day in port is always a busy day, but today the weather in Ushuaia was nice and everything went smoothly so that in the evening we are happily sailing towards Antarctica again.