Saturday, 23 January 2010

Don’t cry for us, Argentina!

In the morning Ushuaia bade us a stunning welcome in bright sunlight. Patagonia is always beautiful, but today was special with warm temperatures and the sun reigning for most of the day. However, the southern end of the world would not be true to its fame, if it stayed sunny the whole day, so every now and then stunning cloud formations and strong winds created spectacular backdrops. We had to say goodbye to our passengers of the past week and even the youngest one was seen off with an emotional farewell.

The better part of the day was taken up by preparations for our new passengers. One of the highlights of the days in port is always the arrival of the luggage. Everything must be checked and delivered to the cabins quickly, because our new arrivals should find it in place when they come in. So by the end of the day we take our leave from Argentina and set the course for Antarctica again. We will miss all the wonderful flowers in the eternal ice of Antarctica, but don’t cry for us, Argentina, we will be back!