Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Drake Lake

Today the dreaded Drake was very calm and peaceful for us. Everybody on board enjoyed the smooth cruise we were getting. An elusive Antarctic Petrel was bidding us a last farewell from Antarctica. It was a very special sighting indeed, as these birds are rare and it is unusual to see them at this time of the year. On board the passengers enjoyed bridge visits. A rare opportunity to take a glimpse of the innermost secrets of the ship’s command, and our gallant captain was patiently answering all questions.

The rest of the day was filled with lectures on all various topics around Antarctica. We learnt a lot about the wildlife, the history, and the ecology of our planet’s last continent of wilderness. In the evening we began to realize that the time to say goodbye to MV Fram is getting near, because the captain’s dinner reminded us that the cruise is drawing to its close. Our eager and friendly service team from the restaurant and the housekeeping department were there to wish us a safe journey home just as well as the captain and his officers. During the past week we were living our dream and cruising back on a very pleasant “Drake Lake” made the entire experience so much more memorable.