Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Last day on the Drake

Our last full day on the Drake Passage and happily for our peace of mind (and stomachs), we enjoyed much calmer weather than yesterday. It was a wonderful relief -- nothing capsized in the dining room and we didn´t stagger around the ship as if we were drunk. It was a quiet day, a day to reflect on what we have seen on our voyage to Antarctica. We did last minute shopping in the gift shop, began to pack our bags for the journey home, and thought about what we would tell our friends and families about our adventures in the land of snow and penguins. Birds flew around the ship, and a large pod of pilot whales put in an appearance as we approached land. The islands of the South American continent appeared on the horizon – from here we will meet our pilot who will guide the vessel through the Beagle Channel into the port of Ushuaia.

From the gallant captain, his loyal officers the hardworking crew and the expedition staff on board the MV Fram, we all wish you safe travels and happy memories! It has indeed been our pleasure sailing with you. May you always keep Antarctica in your minds and hearts.

PS. And so, the writer of this daily blog wishes you farewell!