Monday 4 January 2010

Drake Passage, northbound

After a bit of shake, rattle and roll during the night, the weather calmed down and we had relatively smooth sailing during the day. After our extremely busy days of landing, getting into and out of our boots and jackets, and various adventures ashore, we fell back into our shipboard routine on board the Fram. The lecture series continued, with talks about seabirds and penguins, polar history, and geology. We also had time to take a nap and prepare ourselves for re-entry back into the ‘other world’ where there are no penguins or icebergs or whales. The day ended with the Captain’s dinner.

In memories we were rich. We had time to reflect on our unique experiences in the Southern Ocean, the Falklands, South Georgia, South Orkneys, and the Weddell Sea. Indeed, who can forget the multitude of penguins at Baily Head? Gentoo penguins nest building or tending their chicks? Leopard seals chasing after penguins? Large tabular iceberg looming on the horizon? Graceful albatross following in the wake of the ship? The hardy inhabitants of Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands, or the rugged snowcapped beauty of South Georgia Island? All of this, in addition to the many friendships we have made on board with our fellow passengers from many countries around the world.