Sunday 16 May 2010

Dublin, St.Patrick and the History of Guinness

The old industrial areas, for exemple warehouses and factory buildings have been renovated
and new buildings now exist to house the financial sector.
Dublin is a young, vibrant city wich has became musically famous through groups such as
The Dubliners, Riverdance an the rockband U 2.
The city is architectually famous for its Gregorian squares and buildings. In addition
Christ Church Cathedral is almost on thousend years old and St.Patrick church more than
800 years old.
Trinity College Dublin is considered the third most prestigious University in the British Isles
after Oxford and Cambridge Universities.
The famous "Book of Kells" is housed at Trinity College and is a famous tourist attraction.
The history of Guinness,Irelands black gold, started which the purchase of James's Gate Brewery,
one of Dublins hundred breweries by Arthur Guinness in 1759.From a startcapital of £ 100
the company has grown into one of the largest breweries in the world producing 4.000000 pints
of Guinness a day at the James's Gate Brewery.
It is a experience to get the story daily life in the Guinness Storehouse and to taste a fresh
pint of the "Black Gold" in the Gravity Bar, the highest point of the Brewery.Here you can enjoy
after the visit your complimentary pint of Guinness while relaxing and drinking in the unique 360o
view of Dublin City and beyond.
Celebrating 250 years of  brewing tradition. So, Arthur's formula was deceptively simple.
He took four basic ingredients-hops,water,barley and yeast, an through a series of mysterious
processes,he released their latent magic,turning them into black gold.
Guinness ist strong-GUINNESS IS GOOD FOR YOU!