Friday 7 May 2010

Stockholm - the Capital of Sweden

Unbelievably nice, exciting... the skerries, the entrance to Stockholm. Six o clock in the morning, too early for many passengers we were passing the outer lighthouse. A fresh breeze from northeast brought the ship a little bit out of balance. Small islands with needle trees and colored wooden houses on starboard and portside. What a wonderful site. Breakfast started 7.30 am. Each and everyone was on his feet and joined the passage through the narrows. 10 o`clock arrival in the centre of Old Stockholm, Gamle Stan how it is called. Only a few minutes walk to the small shopping streets with lots of cute restaurants and coffee bars. An area which looked liked a middle age city. The Kings Palace not very far and the famous island of Djurgarden on the opposite side of our ship. The whole day excursion went after a walking tour in the old city to the Vasa museum on Djurholm. It is impressing to see the proud war ship from the17th century which was lying under sea level for 333 years. The old picturesque Viking trading town "Sigtuna" was the next destination on the trip. The Swedish guide explained how Christianity started at this place and identified rune inscriptions on big stones. A wonderful trip! A half day excursion brought passengers on a ship around the Swedish capital. In the afternoon some of the guests went to the fabulous ice bar and enjoyed a vodka drink in an ice glass.

Everyone loved the stay in "the Beauty on Water" of the north. Stockholm is built upon 14 different islands and the mainland all linked together by over 50 bridges.

An excellent Philippino buffet was served in the evening as the ship found his way out of the lovely skerries.

The buffet was followed in the observation lounge by a superb entertaining by the Philippino crew with songs, dance and acrobatic performances.