Thursday 27 May 2010

Spring at the Polar Circle

Around noon we crossed the Northern Polar Circle, passing by the monument, a globe, which marks the Latitude 66°33’N. Later on we arrived at the old trading post of SelsØvik. By Polar Circle boats we covered the short distance between ship and landing side. All 9 school children awaited us with their teachers to welcome the guests of MV Fram. After chatting along with the locals and checking out the historical trading post most of the guests took the opportunity for a walk on the island. It seemed that spring had just arrived here, spring flowers blossoming everywhere. For most guests, coming from Germany, it was the second time to experience spring this year.

Our afternoon stop brought us to the Svartisen Glacier. Already from the ship we had gorgeous views of the glacier; however a big number of guests made the hike to the glacier front, returning to the ship with unforgettable memories.