Monday, 3 May 2010

The old Hanse city of Tallinn

A beautiful morning has broken over Tallinn.  After a wonderful Norwegian breakfast with lovely Gejte Ost and fresh smooked salmon we started to conquer the historical city of Tallinn.On the pier bicycles were waiting for a ride with the group of our sporty guests. Everyone enjoyed the 12 km cycling outside and inside the mysterial city walls. The other guests went by foot through the narrow streets, passed hundreds of restaurants and coffee shops and some of them bought souvenirs from the people dressed in mideveal clothes. Excursions brought the rest of us to the churches and the ruins of the Brigitta monestry, passing the beach entered the upper city. At the market place a lot of people were gathered. It looked like a campus in the Mediterian area.
We set sail early in the afternoon in the direction of St. Petersburg. Lectures about the Hanse trade organisation,  the fish of the Baltic Sea and the preparing of immigration for the next day were offered in the lecture halls.