Tuesday 11 May 2010

Water, Waves and Waffles

Anjas soft voice is the signal to get up. An amazing morning with bright sun shine. A beautiful start for our historical trip around England, Ireland and Scotland. The daily program is filled up with informations about our route. Interesting lectures were given by Klaus (viking discoveries to the West), Friederike (geology of the Atlantic Ocean) and Katja (the English Gotik). There is also time for sun bathing on the deck chairs. A lot of trafic is around us. All types of ships from many nations are passing in a constantly stream on our way to the English Channel. At 3 pm we could smell the delicious waffles in the observation lounge. Later on Anja presents the destination and excursions on the following day. Portsmouth was in focus. Everyone is looking forward  to tomorrow. It will be our first landing. What a wonderful sun set. The cliffs of Dover are ahead of us but still too far to catch a closer look.
After a day with information it is too early to go to bed. A special event, a "song-contest" is waiting for us in the observation lounge. Some of our crew members are excellent  artists, they will sing with heart and soul.