Friday, 9 December 2011

An icy morning and a flower-power evening!

The morning we spent in the Garibaldi Fjord and the Beagle Channel. The weather has been magnificent. The sun was shining out of a clear blue sky. Around 8 o´clock we had already temperatures over 10°Celsius and nearly no wind. The view over the glaciers, coming from the Darwin Cordillera, was unbelievable. Especially the combination of the southern Beech forest and the Glaciers, shimmering light blue in the morning sun, made the morning so wonderful and unforgettable.

In the late afternoon we had our landing in Puerto Williams, a little village in Chile that grew around the naval base. This was our best possibility to get in contact with this wonderful Chilean forest. Nearly all passengers went on a hike, each to suit a different fitness level.  It has been the last opportunity to see nice trees and flowers until we will reach Ushuaia again.

Of course we had many birds next to the ship again, but today we will not show you a seabird again. The Fire-Eyed Diucon stays as a nice example for the singing birds in Tierra del Fuego.