Tuesday 20 December 2011

Ushuaia: Turnaround day

It always is a hectic and emotional day when we dock in Ushuaia. Hectic, because the action starts early in the morning to get ready to disembark; once our passengers have departed on their way back home, we have to prepare the ship for the arrival of our new guests; and then the arrival of our new guests themselves, which usually takes some time because we have to check everybody in and they have to get acquainted with MS Fram. Emotional, because we’re lucky enough to always make some friends among our passengers, and it is always emotional to say goodbye – but also, because we very much look forward to the new friends we’ll certainly make, which makes us happy in anticipation.
So, once everything is shipshape onboard Fram, and we are cleared to sail, we very slowly (an very “scenically”!) cruise down the Beagle Channel en route to our new adventure… Exciting times!