Friday 22 June 2012

Be open for plan B!

The captain tried it again and he did his best and our lovely ship MV FRAM too. But again - we could not reach Ilulissat as there has been such a dense belt of icebergs in front of the harbor. During the whole night we sailed through the ice. It was so amazing to see how maneuverable our ship is. This tour will be really unforgettable.

Our plan B was Qasigiannguit in the southern Disko Bay. Even we have been a little bit disappointed that we could not reach Ilulissat the day with our plan B was wonderful.

Our expedition leader organized together with her assistant a nice program. Those who wanted to stretch their legs went on a fine hike through the flowering tundra. Those who have been more interested in the history went on a city hike with the expedition team. The highlight of this tour has been the astonishing museum. In different houses you could learn so much about the way of life of the Inuit cultures. In the evening we met in the church of Qasigiannguit for an incredible nice concert given by the choir of the town.  

During the night we had to say “good bye” to the ice. Most of the guests enjoyed the very well known Fram Crew Show. In the light of the midnight sun we sailed southward to our last destination – Itilleq.