Wednesday 6 June 2012


During the night the FRAM made a short cut from Julianehåbsfjord in the direction of Eiriksfjord (Tunugdliarfik). Around 5 a.m., some guests were already on deck so early just to view the beautiful glacial icebergs in the golden morning sun. Calm weather, no wind at all. Specially on starboard side, we could spot sheepfarms in green gras surroundings close to the shore side. The FRAM passed the entrance of the Qooroq Icefjord, which produces most of the icebergs in the fjord. The Eiriksfjord was home of one of the most well known viking, Eirik the Red.

In 985 he settled with his family at Brattahlid (Qassiarsuk). Later the whole area became the center of the Eastern Settlement containing a collection of about 200 icelandic viking farmsteads and supporting facilities. When you see the green gras on the hill sides today, you certainly understand why Eirik and his people had choosen this place for farming.
After reaching Brattahlid, the excursions started from the landing side. Seven local boats brought the passengers to the icebergs at Qooroq Icefjord.

Two groups of guests made the Eirik the Red-Settlement walk together with superb local guides. Others went privat in the nice weather to the historical sites of Brattahlid. There are reconstructions of Eiriks farm and the first Christian church.
At 12 o`clock we set sail back through the Eiriksfjord towards the open sea. In the meanwhile the wind had turned and drifted the glacier ice and sea ice into the fjord systems. For the passengers it was just wonderful! So much ice, not very much space for your beautiful strong ship to go through. The Captain and Officiers did a great work pushing the ship in many hours safely through the very tight glacier ice and later through the sea ice belt. What a lovely day today!
Amazing, there was also time for listening to a hole bunch of lectures in the afternoon. For many on board a welcome break of the colder outside-ice-watch possitions. Ice is nice but too much ice is...(difficult).