Sunday 10 June 2012

Going and Coming – A typical changeover day!

Everything has an end and finally, we had to leave the vessel. After such a long trip with all these wonderful impressions we had to go home. The little polarcircle boats brought us to the pier in Kangerlussuaq; a last good bye from the expedition team and then we left.

But as our plane would fly first in the evening we had still time for a last big experience. With huge tundra busses, companied by expedition team members that would fly home with us in the evening, we went in the direction of the inland ice. During the trip aboard MV FRAM we saw so many ice, sea ice and glacier ice, but now we wanted to see the Greenlandic ice cap as best as possible.

The day ended for us with a nice BBQ at Lake Ferguson. It was a nice possibility to say good bye to Greenland. Perhaps we will come back at any time but at least we will never forget the wild and exiting nature and of course all the Greenlanders that welcomed us by heart.

At the other side the new incoming guests were looking forward to their Disko-Bay trip. The plane arrived at 3.20pm. Busses brought all guests directly to the pier and only a little bit later everybody was checked in already. Outfitted with new blue jackets the trip could start. The mandatory safety drill was quickly done and after a first relaxed dinner buffet everybody was welcomed by our Captain Arild Hȧrvig and his officers. A first introduction to the expedition team by the Expedition leader Anja Erdmann remembered us that we are aboard of an expedition vessel and not on any so called “Loveboats”.  
During MV FRAM is sailing through the Kangerlussaq Fjord – this night in the opposite direction then last night – all passengers went to bed as they have been tired after a long day of travelling.