Sunday 17 June 2012

A busy long day!

It is the changeover day again, a hard and busy day for everybody. In the morning it was time to say good bye to our passengers and later on it was time to say hallo to the new incoming guests.

Good by my dear friend!

Let's go to the Icecap
For all passengers it was a long day. Those that were leaving the ship had time for a trip to the icecap in these huge “Tundra busses” and a nice BBQ in the evening before they flew home. Incoming guests arrived in Kangerlussuaq in the afternoon and were brought to MV FRAM directly.
Let's be prepared for the first Polarcircel Boat Cruise
The crew used the time to clean the ship during the whole day so that everything looked very nice for the new incoming guests. Of course the crew is cleaning everything all the time, but on a changeover day without any passengers aboard there are more special things to do. So it is a hard day for the crew too.

After a first delicate dinner buffet and the mandatory emergency drill for our guests our Captain Arild Hȧrvik welcomed everybody in the observation lounge. The expedition leader Karin Strand introduced us later to her expedition team.

During the night we sailed through the Kangerlussuaq Fjord to the open sea to our next destination Sisimiut.

Captain: Let's go!