Saturday, 9 June 2012

European Football Championship in Ittileq

It was the last day aboard MV FRAM. We nearly could not believe it, but after 18 days we felt like home on our ship so that most of us did not want to go home. The weather was so unbelievable nice again, we had nearly no wind. The sea was smooth like a little lake; the sun was shining out of a spectacular blue sky; nice white clouds gave our photos the last kick. How could we think now about packing?

The highlight of the day was the soccer game in Itilleq, a small settlement with only something around 100 inhabitants. We were sure, that a lot of people around the world were watching the European Football Championship at home, but we were also sure, that we had more fun during the very special football game between MV FRAM and the inhabitants of Itilleq.

There have been no rules that disturbed the play. Everybody could play in the MV FRAM team, passengers, officers, staff members. For a while we have been only a handful people against 20 or 25 inhabitants, but later we got more players. Sometimes we had even 40 or more people playing more with than against each other. It was a coming and going, for a while it looked that the field was too small and so the team continued the play anywhere in the village, we could not even see them sometimes. It was a wonderful and for sure an unforgettable football game.

In the evening we reached the Kangerlussuaq Fjord. This fjord belongs with a length of 180 km to the longest fjords of the world. Snow and ice covered mountains, hanging glaciers, giant moraines and totally flat eroded stones were waiting to be photographed by us. Many of us enjoyed the last evening in the midnight sun but it was not too late, when the last passengers went to bed. Today was only the last day aboard MV FRAM, tomorrow it will be our last holiday day. So we needed at least a little nap to be fit for the day in Kangerlussuaq tomorrow.