Friday 15 June 2012

Our Day in Disko Bay

We expected to spend our day in Ilulissat, but today we should learn that ice is not always nice. Especially when you have too much ice, ice is not nice. Ice can turn your itinerary completely upside down. So we had to accept that we could not reach Ilulissat as the ice belt around the city has been too dense. At the first moment it was not so easy for us, but we all came to Greenland to see and to learn about the Greenlandic nature and now we had to recognize that the nature is always the winner. The only thing we can do is to accept it.

Of course our Expedition Leader had prepared a plan B. And so we made our way to Qasigiannguit that is also called the Perl of the Disko Bay.

We explored the city guided by our lecturer staff. We visited the museum area and we have been very astonished that such a small city has such an amazing museum.

Later on the Qasigiannguit Choir gave us an unforgettable concert in the nice church of the city.

After dinner we enjoyed the very famous MV FRAM crew show. A big thank you to the crew that you gave us such a wonderful evening!