Tuesday 7 August 2012

Geology Day.

In the morning the sky was overcast with very low cloud elevation and we were in Lifdefjorden at the front of Monacobreen. Group by group, we did a cruising in the Polar Circle Boats at the front of the glacier. In each boat was one of the staff member who gave us a mini lecture about glaciers, ice and the bird life occurring at the glacier front. It turn out that we were lucky with the weather we had. As the sun was not very bright all tones of blue were visible in a good manner and the pictures came out great, for some.
During the afternoon we landed at Jotunkjeldene in Bockfjorden were thermal springs are located. The groundwater is heated up in the bedrock so that the temperature of the water at the surface is +20°C year around. Springs have also built up carbonate deposits in a form of a terrace and were whitish in color. On the opposite side of Bockfjorden a beautiful formation of Devonian “Old Red” rocks were visible in a wonderful way.
Somebody might argue – why a geology day if in the morning we were by the glacier? Well, if you ask a geologist – the ice is a metamorphic rock!

PS. The idea of a “Geology Day” was a bit “destroyed” by about 50 walruses which we spot on Moffen Island at 23:00.