Wednesday, 8 August 2012

North Western Part of Spitsbergen

Another calm night, in the morning the sea fog was covering the Ytre Norske√łya. The further most westerly island on Svalbard. Landing was not advisable, would we be surprised by living white creatures or the wandering souls from the dead men buried on this island?
We sort of speak set sail for another island further in, and let the anchor drop at Alicehamna-Bruceneset. In the beginning of last century this area was used fore trappers which lived here year around. Whalers also visited the place, 2 of them buried in graves that due to the perma frost actually “rose” up from the ground. Parts of the skeletons visible through the exsposed koffins. A beautiful view to the south with a mirror like calm sea with shades of different bleu colours reflected the chain of alpine mountains with glaciers and remains of snow. Some of us had the guts to jump into the Arctic Ocean and rewarded with an official Fram diploma.
Likneset in Magdalena fjorden was our next landing. On this little peninsular the whalers buried their dead. Out from the number of graves we could see fore ours selves that whaling was a high-risk employment. No HMS in those days. Fore those that had been enjoying the pleasures of our superb kitchen there was a 2 hours walk into the glacier. In the pattern we have been used to during this trip, we shah how the expedition team go in advance and clear the area. We all feel very confident in how our safety is being taken care of by them. No unpleasant surprises and we all could enjoy the stunning view at the very front of the glacier.