Sunday 20 July 2014

Fog Bound

Once again we were enveloped in a thick blanket of fogA sound track of an old creaking sailing ship and sea gulls screaming would have been an appropriate backdrop to our day at sea. 
Even though we had a relaxing day there were plenty of fun and interesting activities to keep everyone engaged.  On every voyage we set aside some time for everyone to visit the bridge.  Invariably that will happen on a sea day.  And since today was a sea day…
A bridge visit is an opportunity to learn just a little about what is involved in navigating a high tech cruise ship like Fram.  Gone are the romantic days of a stoic sailor standing steadfast at the helm struggling with a wheel a metre and a half in diameter.  Nowadays the steering of modern ships is done with a petit joy stick.  A nudge left, a nudge right, a toggle here and there.  I’ve seen video game consoles with bigger joysticks. It is also a chance to get to know the Captain a little bit as he explains the various ship’s systems such as the radar, steering, the engines and the stabilizers.
Photo © Morten Hilmer
There are about 40 children on board and there have been programs organized to keep them engaged as well.  For example this morning everyone was busy drawing Polar Bears and then in the afternoon for big and small kids alike, there was the first round of an open table tennis competition.
Photo © Morten Hilmer

Our lectures today included an open air session with the ship’s photographer, a lecture in Chinese and a lecture on whales with Chinese translation.

The activities for the day concluded with a fun fashion show.  As is now the wont on board Fram, the ship’s officers and the Expedition Team modelled many of the items available in the gift ship. And as per usual, everyone had a good time because what the models lacked in poise and grace they more than made up for in enthusiasm.