Saturday, 19 July 2014

Knowledge At Sea and the Jan Mayen Climate Voyage.

A sea day onboard Fram is a very pleasant experience. The entire ship becomes a university of knowledge. You choose your learning and subject yourself. Aside from our great onboard library there are lectures, discussion groups, Q & A sessions, debates, movies and much more. During our voyage towards Jan Mayen today our ship was exactly that. The diversity of knowledge being shared was astonishing to witness, some rooms were filled with climate oriented debates and some – with singing. Some rooms simply displayed the magnificent beauty of the ocean we were sailing in. 
Fram is a great learning voyage and this Chinese Climate cruise is no exception.

Today the approx. 40 children visited the bridge where they met an enthusiastic captain who talked about the steering of a ship this big and answered all their questions.
The Captain inspiring the next generation
Photography © Morten Hilmer 
Our photographer onboard (Morten Hilmer) gave a great practical lecture on nature photography on the observation deck. Two lectures where happening alongside these. One about the biology and one on climate change in the arctic.
We reached Jan Mayen at 17 o’ clock local time, its glorious mountains came out of a mist and displayed its remoteness and uniqueness.
Arriving at Jan Mayen
Photography © Morten Hilmer
There were periods of blue sky and sunshine, periods of dense fog and all in between. A truly unique experience. Few people worldwide are able to say they’ve stepped on this remarkable island in the middle of the atlantic ocean. We saw lots of Puffins, Little Aukss, Fulmars and Eider ducks. Jan Mayen is truly worth a closer inspection.
Puffin at Jan Mayen
Photography © Morten Hilmer

We are now on the way towards Svalbard, there’s an accordion playing and the atmosphere on board is very joyful. 

Oh how we wish you were here.