Friday, 11 July 2014

Friday 11 July

Paamiut is a town not that often visited by cruise ships so the warm and smiling welcome from the locals was genuine as Greenlanders in general are very happy to have guests.
They had a choir waiting for us at the town square, afterwards we were taken on a town walk with the locals guides. Some of the were guiding for the first time in their life so they were a bit nervous but we are sure that they too will remember this beautiful day for many years to come.
In the church another choir sang some Greenlandic psalms and it was so beautiful that a few of our guests had tears in their eyes.
As an extra final goodbye we were shown an East Greenlandic drum dance by a charming man of some 74 years. We had a heartwarming morning in Paamiut, there was even an article in one of the national papers in Greenland about our visit. Thank you Paamiut. 
In the evening we had a stop at the old mining town Ivittuut. The first load of Cryolit was shipped all the way back in 1854 and the mine was running until 1987.
They nature surrounding Ivittuut is very beautiful and we are not in doubt that we have arrived in the lush South GREENland.