Thursday 3 July 2014

When we arrived at the abandoned miningtown Qullissat it was covered in a mystic fog giving the term ghost town an extra dimension. But after a while the fog lifted and we could all discover the beauty of the old mining town.

Whenever Qullissat is mentioned it is sure to give strong associations for most Greenlanders as it was a strong reminder to the Greenlanders that it was the Danes that took practically all important decisions in 1972 when it was decided to shut down the mine and abandon the town. Today the ghost town and most Greenlanders have reconciled with the past, but it is still a strong historical reminder of how things used to be.

On our further way to the Eqi Glacier Fram had a royal visit from the old King Neptune making sure all who had crossed the Polar Circle for the first time was baptized.

At eight in the evening we were taken ashore at the picturesque area of the Eqi Glacier. It had an impressive ice wall of around 200 vertical meters and nearly every 20 min. a piece of the ice would fall off with a sound just like thunder.