Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Upernavik is the northernmost place we will visit on our journey along the West-Greenlandic coast. It is the last town before Qaanaaq/Thule in the far north.

In the old days the Inuits would over the year move from place to place in their hunt for animals. Upernavik means the Springplace, meaning it would be the place to go in springtime for certain animals. In the case of Upernavik most likely Narwhales which come by the town in springtime.
When we came by the choir and a group of children had prepared a splendid show for us. There was singing and dancing in the communal house and some of us also got out on the dance floor and had a try at the traditional Greenlandic polka.

Like all towns in Greenland the houses in Upernavik have nearly all kinds of colors. It a great tradition and it is beautiful to look at.
Bach on board Fram we had our first groups visiting the bridge and getting and impression of how much of a job it is handling a ship like Fram. It is safe to say that we have all enjoyed the safe and gentle handling of Fram on our journey by the officers.