Friday 25 July 2014

Magnificent Magdalena on a Glorious day.

Ny Ålesund
Photo © Morten Hilmer
Back in Norway (after a Russian night in Barentsburg last evening) we awoke to a cloudy and foggy day. That soon proved to change for something better, much better. The clouds lifted like the evaporation of fresh dew on a summer morning and revealed a Svalbard day unsurpassed by any other.
Fram at Ny Ålesund Quai
Photo © Morten Hilmer
As we disembarked Fram very little was to be seen of Ny-Ålesund, but on this day, like many others – something higher than our hopes for glorious adventures brings to life something unique and indeed beautiful.
  We were expecting to launch our polar circle boats but a call came. The other cruise ship had canceled their arrival.
Tender Pit and Fram Crew
Photo © Morten Hilmer

We had the entire city and its inhabitants to ourselves, and the guests thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Sun shine came and the view of the turquoise glaciers blended nicely with the still waters around the fjord. We saw walruses in the evening as we went out of the Magdalena fjord.
Magdalena Bay
Photo © Morten Hilmer
Its been claimed to be one the 100 places to see before you die, and we – here at Fram – wholeheartedly concur. 
Ralf From the Expedition Team
Photo © Morten Hilmer
Nesting Arctic Terns Gravneset
Photo © Morten Hilmer