Monday, 27 October 2014

Birds and Whales we have seen

During our crossing south to Buenos Aires we have been lucky enough to see some wildlife. Especially next to St. Peter and St. Paul Archipelago and when we passed the Islands Fernando de Noronha we had many birds around the vessel. Later on, when we came nearer to the Brazilian coast we saw nearly day by day groups of Humpback Whales – Are they on the way south to Antarctica like us? Who will be there first? Who will be the winner of this long trip to the cold but fertile Antarctic waters? Will we ever get an answer to these questions? Perhaps not, but if you like you are welcome to chare our experiences; we hope you enjoy the pictures made by our board photographer, the expedition team and especially some of our guests.

And this is a more or less secret message to John: If I am not right with the birds - feel free to correct me - you are the Ornithologist! I will prepare you a coffee as a thank you as soon as you are back in Buenos Aires.
Masked booby, FriedaPhoto

Young masked booby, FriedaPhoto

Frigatebird, FriedaPhoto
Frigatebird, FriedaPhoto

Frigatebird, FriedaPhoto
Redfooted Booby(the white one), FriedaPhoto

Redfooted booby (the white one), FriedaPhoto

Redfooted booby (the brown one), Annika Ljungqvist Karneryd

Brown boobies
Brown booby
Young brown booby

It's not easy to start, Martin Overbuschmann
Brown booby, Martin Overbuschmann
Greyheaded albatros, Andre Eikermann

Cape Verde Shearwater

Hammerhead, Marcel Hostettler

Humpback whale, Martin Overbuschmann

Humpback whale, Martin Overbuschmann

Minke whale, Marcel Hostettler

Minke whale, Martin Overbuschmann

Humpback whale

Humpback whale

big splash

Humpback whale