Tuesday 21 October 2014

Boring Sea days? – NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our sea days on board MS FRAM are fully packed with lots of different kind of activities. We cannot describe them all – Look at the pictures, they say more than words.

Flying Fish
Flying Fish
Sea weed
Sea weed
Drill with our rescue boat
Bird watching

St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks: The unique possibility to see sea floor mantle rocks above sea level

Who is sailing next to the mantle rocks?
Getting the best position to photograph dolphin
Spinner dolphins, Photo:  Martin Overbuschmann
And more Spinner dolphins, Photo Martin Overbuschmann
Exercise with our Captain Arild
Follow the Master
Supporters are important
Fruit- and vegetable carving
Ice carving
Concentration: Our chess competition
Dart competition
Table tennis competition