Thursday, 16 October 2014

Sea days are just wonderful

Our first days on board MS FRAM have been two sea days – and that has been just the best for everybody after travelling from all over the world to Las Palmas the day before. Guests from 10 different nations got the time now to feel comfortable on board and to find new friends with same interests perhaps. We have been more than lucky that these first sea days turned out more than perfect. The weather has been beautiful, the blue sky covered with white clouds, temperatures during the day between 25 – 30 degree Celsius, a light breeze and even nice temperatures in the evening so that we could sit on the open decks even it becomes already dark quite early.

All guests came into the special “ship rhythm” quite fast. Breakfast, lunch, a nice afternoon tea time and the dinner give the day a structure. There was lots of time for relaxing, but we had also our first lectures during the mornings, we had to rescue a storm petrel - perhaps a Madeiran Storm Petrel - we found on deck 5, we spotted Spotted Dolphins and some of us saw even the huge blow of any whale.