Tuesday 14 October 2014

Let´s go south again

Our trip from Las Palmas on the Canary Islands to Buenos Aires in Argentina started today. The weather was beautiful; branches of  green Palm trees were waving smoothly in a light breeze. We will see no trees or other vegetation during the next days. Our view will go from horizon to horizon until we will reach the Cape Verde Islands on the 17th of October. There we expect Palm trees - hopefully under a clear blue sky - again.



The day in Las Palmas was quite a busy day. Passengers from our last European cruise left the ship during the morning hours. The new incoming guests for the Transatlantic Voyage had their check-in in the afternoon.  The pier was busy with huge trucks bringing food and lots of other stuff we will need during the next weeks before we reach Buenos Aires. A small tank ship was going alongside FRAM as we had to bunker the fuel for our trip over the Atlantic. It needed quite a while until our tanks were really filled up with the so called “marine gasoil”.

Just before we left the harbor all passengers had to participate in the mandatory safety drill, no problem in this warm weather, it was just wonderful to be on the open deck.

After first nice dinner our Captain Arild Hårvik invited us to a heartily welcome into the Panorama Lounge. 

As it has been a long travel day for all guests most passengers went to bed early. Let´s see what the following days at sea will bring.