Friday, 31 October 2014

A wonderful tour comes to its end

We spent our last day of our Atlantic crossing in Montevideo, Uruguay. One day for this wonderful country is of course not enough, but we got at least a good impression of Montevideo and its surroundings.


FriedaPhoto: Monumento La Carreta
FriedaPhoto: Dogsitting

Palacio Legislativo

Palacio Legislativo

Palacio Legislativo

Many passengers explored Montevideo on their own as the ship lay quite near to the historical city. Others went on a full day excursion to see a bit more of Uruguay. It was amazing to see all the flowering plants and listen to the singing birds after all this days at sea. It’s just springtime in South America, perhaps the nicest time of the year to watch birds. South America is very famous for its huge variation of birds and flowers, and we got at least a glimpse of it.

FriedaPhoto: Ovenbird

FriedaPhoto: Monk parakeet
Martin Overbuschmann: Green-barred Woodpecker

Martin Overbuschmann: Chalk-browed Mockingbird
Who hides here?

FriedaPhoto: A Kiskedee
FriedaPhoto: National Tree of Uruguay and Argentina, Ceibo

FriedaPhoto: Acca sellowiana



The excursion ended in a winery where we got the possibility to taste different whines in a combination with a typical South American lunch. It was a little bit a pity that the weather was not nice enough to have the BBQ outside, but the grilled meat, different sausages and vegetables tasted inside as well. Tango dancers made our dessert even sweater.

Lunch at the winery

Our last evening ended up in an enjoyable Halloween party together with the crew.

Tomorrow morning we have to say good bye to new friends. Nobody wants really to go home – here in the southern hemisphere we have the late springtime, nearly summer, but at home the darkness of November with its wet and cold weather is waiting for us. Some passengers made the right decision; they stay just on board to see the springtime on the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica.
Penguins! Here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!