Saturday 15 November 2014

Antarctica – the coldest and most windswept continent? Not for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was the day of the Gentoo Penguin. We had time enough to visit two different colonies, one in Neko Harbor on the Antarctic mainland and later on one in Cuverville. The weather has been amazing, or was it unbelievable nice, or magnificent, glorious, outstanding or superb? That what we experienced on this day we cannot describe with words. We got different possibilities to enjoy this day. We were hiking, cruising or sitting in front of the penguins to observe the nature - and everything under a clear blue sky, with no wind and a very intense sunshine. Even pictures will give you only a little impression of our experiences of the day – we hope you enjoy them! 



Some passengers could not get enough nature feeling during the day. They choose their chance for camping in Antarctica. There could not be better conditions for such an unique camping experience.