Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A circle is closed again

In the early morning hours we reached Isfjorden again. One week ago we started here our circumnavigation around Spitsbergen in Longyearbyen and today we reached the fjord again. But we had still a whole day in this spectacular fjord system before we went back to Longyearbyen to fly home again.

We started the day with an early landing in Ymerbugter in front of the scenic Esmark glacier. There was no rain and no wind to disturb our landing. The light was perfect for good ice pictures. And the glacier was more than active. One calving after the other we could see. On little ice flows we could watch different seals and there were lot of birds to be seen too.

Just back on board we could listen to different lectures given by our experienced and amazing lecture team!

After lunch our Captain Rune Andreassen invited us to a farewell cocktail in the lounge on deck 7. It was already quiet clear that there would not be time for a farewell cocktail in the evening as we had planned a last long at late landing in Brucebyen in front of the huge and amazing Nordenskjold glacier.

And then our expedition leader Karin had a last surprise for us. Instead of going back directly to the ship after the landing we had the possibility for a last cruise along the calving front of the Nordenskjold glacier. What a wonderful goodbye.

Coming back to the vessel we could smell already our BBQ. Hungry we went directly to the dining room where the crew offered all the grilled specialties to us. It was nice to sit inside with a last view over the glacier, a glass of wine or beer in the hand and dreaming.

Most passengers have to leave the vessel during the night as they have booked night flights on their way home. Last guests will leave the vessel at 8:00 tomorrow morning in Longyearbyen. In the afternoon new guests will arrive and another circle will be opened. Our circle will be closed than.