Thursday, 20 March 2014

Along the Coast of Brazil

While the sea  kept pounding us for quite a while after having left Uruguay the weather decided to leave us alone after a few days of travel now. Not only that, even the rain clouds, that can be pretty persistent in these parts, dissolved and gave the sky back to the bright, high sun of the lower latitudes.
That changed everything on board. Pants made way for shorts, sweaters for T-shirts (if so), the chairs outside were directed towards the sun. Holiday feeling is spreading, the decks smell like sunscreen.
Nightfall comes surprisingly early now, but it's a fine occasion to do some stargazing. Rigg-gazing, too: Off the Brazilian coast there are large oil and gas plays that are being exploited large-scale, sometimes it feels we are driving through an obstacle course of riggs and factory ships.
The evening challenges are on: Now the table-top soccer season is literally kicked off; watch how many stripes are necessary to score one goal...
And while next day the crew is preparing for the basketball opening round, the coast of Brazil is faintly visible on port side. Halfway there.
Two more afternoon teas, maybe not always with live piano music...