Monday, 31 March 2014

The Conclusion of things

Imagine a basin of water, one kilometer wide, one kilometer long, and one thousand meters deep. It is a giant cube, an incredible amount, more water than you, your family, and your friends all together will be capable of using and consuming throughout your whole lives. By far.
Our oceans contain 1.348.000000 of those cubes, a truly staggering number. And yet - they are just drops, all interconnected, traveling incessantly, changing from surface to the deepest abyss and back - maybe with a little interlude in the sky as a raincloud - hosting life and shaping our world.
Some of these drops have carried our ship across the mighty ocean and then disappeared again into the anonymous void.
Everything moves from beginning to end and to beginning again.
Our voyage is nearly over. After a last highlight, the guided tour into the belly of the ship and the crew show performances, it is now time to pack the suitcases, find the flight ticket (or the hotel voucher), take out the warm sweater for home, and exchange addresses with new friends. At least the jigsaw puzzle is done...

A fine journey it was, touching five countries and some rocks in-between, colorful, peaceful, full of culinary delights, with just the right amount of activity during the ride.
Despite of what people at home may have suspected beforehand, there is one thing it was certainly not - boring. Just the opposite. So there is a warm hand at the Captain's Farewell for all who made this journey possible, in front or behind the scenes.
The evening is balmingly mild, and on a long old Atlantic swell that heaves the ship up and down in a calm heartbeat we glide smoothly towards the Canary Islands. 
And then the sun sets for the last time.
On this voyage...