Sunday, 2 March 2014

Yoga at the bridge in between lectures

This morning a small group of early birds gathered in the observation lounge on deck 7 for a beginner’s yoga experience. About 1/3 of the group never did yoga before, but they all looked as relaxed as I felt when we left the session.

The first groups visited the bridge during the morning, where Fram's captain Arild took his time to explain how a modern polar ship is operated.

Heading for our new destination South Georgia the expedition team made sure to fill this day at sea with interesting lectures on Shackleton, South Georgia, king penguins and whaling history.
Due to the very strict bio security guidelines of South Georgia we all had to sign a paper stating that we understood and applied to the rules given, so once again vacuum cleaning of bags and clothing was possible if needed.

The ships photographer and the expedition team's ornithologist were both available for answering questions on pictures/cameras and recognition of birds on pictures respectively.

Before bedtime it was time to have a laugh of the the expedition team while they were showing of at the cat walk. They displayed the clothing that can be bought in the shop, performing a small fashion show.