Monday 3 March 2014

Light mantled sooty albatross

For a small but persistent group, this morning again started with yoga. Despite the loss of one hour of sleep everyone seemed fit. The one hour loss originated from our crossing from the Argentinian time zone to the Mid-Atlantic time zone. However, in a few days we get it back again when we sail towards the Falkland Islands.

Like yesterday, a program was set up with bridge visits, lectures and further information on South Georgia.
In addition we also had a presentation of the planned landings for the next two days. The only thing left now is to pray that the constantly and fast changing weather of South Georgia will let us go through with the plan.

At lunch we had a few uncommon visitors around the Fram. It was three Light Mantled Sooty Albatrosses that were gliding around in the air. Most of the time at distance but occasional they came close by the vessel.

Suddenly mid afternoon a bunch of happy campers were crowding in the gallery. 
They were all waving with their diploma which stated that they tented overnight in Antarctica. The reason for their activity was a group photo session.

As usual on sea days dinner today was a 3 course menu. Around desert time the restaurant attendant's entered in a group singing and playing the tambourine. The reason for this was a young lady who could celebrate her birthday in the Scotia Sea.
In the evening it was possible to enjoy not only the crew singing but also some passengers grabbed the microphone. Most songs were accompanied by people dancing.