Monday, 17 March 2014

The rhythm of the sea

Decelerating seems to be the keyword for these days.
Already the change from buzzing Buenos Aires to laid-back Montevideo felt like taking the speed some notches down, but now it is only waves and clouds and winds who dictate the daily pace. Oh, and the rain, of course...
The temperatures are constantly rising, ocean and air are at a balmy 27 degrees (NOT Fahrenheit), the breeze is more welcome than annoying. Deck chairs are propped up, books and Kindles emerge from their bags, and a gentle quietness is tangible on the ship, not even interrupted by the numerous maintenance works that have to be carried out during the time on the Atlantic. That's because they are well synchronized with the board activities from day to day, so no bother here.
All this doesn't mean there is nothing to do for the 58 crossers: Lectures are given on various topics, the freshly learned navigation theory is manifested by a workshop in the Observation Lounge, dealing with plotting courses on paper charts, depths in meters or fathoms, and the tricky business with magnetic North.
The afternoon tea is about to be established as a small, casual daily convention, where stories are swapped and hot beverages are sipped despite the warm weather.
And the evening sees the opening of the FRAM Atlantic Games!
Tonight it's darts, starting slowly. But as we know it, these events will gain momentum every day.
Let the Games begin...