Saturday, 20 June 2015

A beautiful summer day at Camp Frieda

Well we are almost at the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere- 21 June. And depending upon where you live it is either close to mid-summer or the close to the first day of summer. Regardless, today felt like summer whether it is officially here or not.

In the morning we landing at Camp Frieda and here is the quick story of the name. Hi, I am Frieda, and it is the story about my camp. I am a Geographer and during my study and also later on I was the member and leader of several expeditions here in Greenland. Our base camp was always next to Saqqaq at the southern coast of the Nussuaq Peninsula. For some years we have used the valley where I had my base camp as a very special landing for our passengers on board FRAM. When we did so the first time, we had to let Aasiaat Radio know where we wanted to go ashore (we have to inform them always). The captain tried to let them know, that there is no name for this special place. But Aasiaat Radio needed one. So our captain told them, that we here on board call this place after an expedition team member that spent more than one year in "Camp Frieda". And, here we go. Aasiaat Radio was just OK with this name and now I have my "own" place her in Greenland: Camp Frieda.

Always, when I have the possibility to be in "my camp" I feel very emotional, who wonders? But I am especially happy when I see how our guests enjoy the stay in this wonderful valley. When I can see the glow in their eyes when they are walking through the tundra, when they take their time to sit on a rock, covered with black lichens to enjoy the scenery with the glacier in the valley and the icebergs just in front of it, and the smell of warm soil and vegetation. When I see their faces after an ice cruising or a kayak tour between the icebergs, yes, then I am more than happy too. Oh what an amazing job I have, it is wonderful to work as Geographer specialising in Polar regions on board MV FRAM.

Of the beach, a pair of Long-tailed Ducks relaxed in the calm water and hot sun. Plants such as the Wintergreen were just starting to bloom.

A pair of Long-tailed Ducks
Wintergreen just starting to flower at Camp Frieda
The glacier behind Camp Frieda
The ice was so beautiful around Camp Frieda that we took our two big Polarcirkel boats out for a cruise to learn about ice in all its facets- how it is formed, why it is often blue or green, the difference between glacial and sea ice, and many other topics.

All our guests also had a chance to cruise amongst the ice in our smaller Polarcirkel boats after lunch. We just couldn't get enough of this amazing day! And it got more amazing when we enjoyed out famous Crew Show tonight on deck 7, hosted by the fabulous, the marvellous, the wonderful Frieda herself!