Tuesday 30 June 2015

Camp Frieda

Again, we experience nice weather. A little bit more overcast than yesterday but it is still sunny and not windy.
We arrived one hour later than it was planned. The southern part of the narrow strait between the Disco Island and the Nuussuaq Peninsula called Vaigat was and still is full of icebergs and there are even more in its entrance of the village of Saqqaq. Fram could sail only with low speed through this icefield. Thus we have this delay.

We started our operation at 9.00 am. Kayakers went out first, followed by the ice cruisers in this beautiful weather.

Then all other passengers are brought ashore for a nature adventure in the Camp Frieda, a nice glacier valley east of Saqqaq. They could enjoy the tundra and hikes through the nature. Some very fit passenger succeeded in reaching the glacier front and being back in time for the last Polar Circle Boat at 13.00 pm.

Back on board a nice BBQ was waiting for us at deck seven. The sky offers us a wonderful halo around the sun.
Fram sailed for our afternoon expedition. In the meantime we had some lectures.
At 17.00 we reached the northern part of the Disco Bay and sailed into another big ice field. There wasn’t possibility to go further north through the Ata Sound to reach the Eqip Sermia. The Captain and the expedition leader decided to offer another ice cruising with boats also to go into the ice with our ship. Everybody can enjoy the nice scenery of an ice covered sea sitting comfortable in a chair on deck or in the Observation Lounge.

When the ice cruisers were back we started heading to Ilulissat. Again, we had to fight through a sea full of icebergs of all sizes. Fortunately Ilulissat is not very far and the weather is very enjoyable.